Resources for Youths

Black Coalition for Aids Prevention (Toronto Central) – Harm Reduction Program 

  • Delivers adult and youth harm reduction workshops on  substance use issues and the criminal justice system. Is a distribution site  for safer inhalation and injection in numerous communities including downtown,  Scarborough and Rexdale.
  • Black youth who are using substances and/or street-involved 
  • Free

Black Coalition for Aids Prevention (Toronto Central) – Many Men, Many Voices (3MV) 

  • 3 day retreat workshop for young MSM (men who have sex with men) intended to build community and improve self-esteem related to racial identity and sexuality.
  • Black gay, bisexual, queer, questioning, trans* and other men who have sex with men ages 16-29
  • Free

Centre for Addictions and Mental Health (Toronto Central)  – Substance Abuse Program for African Canadian and Caribbean Youth (SAPACCY)

  • Offers mental health and addictions counselling to support youth with substance use and/or mental health concerns.
  • Black youth aged 14-24
  • Free

Centre for Young Black Professionals (Scarborough) – CEE CARE Program

  • A program aimed at addressing the mental health impacts of COVID-19 and anti-Black racism. Offers individual psychotherapy sessions and online group-based community empowerment and healing sessions.
  • Black youth aged 14+ 
  • Free

Heritage Skills Development Centre (Scarborough) – Enhanced Youth Outreach Worker Program 

  • Offers individual and group counselling, mentorship, personal development and support, opportunities for networking and attending social events and youth-oriented workshops. 
  • Black youth aged 12-25 
  • Free 

Midaynta Community Services – Enhanced Youth Outreach Worker Program 

  • Offers short-term counselling and support services, assists youth in dealing with mental health, addiction, school and family conflicts, and connects youth with services and social opportunities in their communities. 
  • Muslim, East African and Black youth aged 12-25 
  • Free

Planned Parenthood (Toronto Central) – Black youth mental health initiative 

  • Provides workshops for youth to connect with peers, build on their skills, and engage with topics such as self-care and healthy relationships. Workshops allow participants to express themselves through discussion, movement and art.
  • Black youth aged 13-29
  • Free

Pape Adolescent Resource Centre – Ahead of the Game with Jonathan Hood

  • An evening program that aims to empower youth in care to understand themselves and their experiences, increasing self-confidence and a sense of personal purpose. Opportunity to attend other groups that focus on transition, life skills, entrepreneurship and financial literacy.
  • Black youth aged 18-29, additional groups open to all youth 18-29
  • Free

Rexdale’s Women’s Centre – Supportive Counseling

  • Youth are provided with help and support with one-on-one counseling for youth that are facing barriers and hardships.
  • Youth aged 12-25
  • Free

TAIBU Community Health Centre (Scarborough) – Step it up Girls Group 

  • A support program to discuss a wide range of needs as well as training on  healthy stress management techniques, building self esteem and combating  bullying
  • Young Black girls ages 12-21 
  • Free

TAIBU Community Health Centre (Scarborough) – Young Black & Gifted Group 

  • A group where youth can meet once a week for 3 hours to focus on their emotional,  psychological, social and physical development
  • Young Black males between the ages of 14-24
  • Free

Tropicana Community Services (Scarborough) – Enhanced Youth Outreach Worker Program 

  • Youth outreach workers provide one-on-one support to youth who are at risk of violence. Emphasis on building identity, connecting to culture and increasing feelings of belonging to community. 
  • Black youth ages 12-21 
  • Free

Supporting Our Youth (Toronto East) – Black Queer Youth Group 

  • Afro-centric weekly drop-in group where youth can explore gender and sexuality and connect to resources that support their health, wellness and personal goals. TTC tokens and food are provided to participants. 
  • Queer and trans Black youth aged 29 and under 
  • Free

Woodgreen Community Services (Toronto) – Rites of Passage Program 

  • 32 week Afrikan-centred process supporting youth as they mature and explore their identity. Offers resources, individual counselling and group activities to support youth as they transition from adolescence to adulthood.
  • Black youth aged 12-29 living in Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough, East and Central Toronto
  • Free

Across Boundaries (Toronto) – Transitional Aged Youth (TAY) Program 

  • TAY offers a variety of support and services for youth with mental health and/or substance abuse issues.  
  • Racialized youth aged 15-24
  • Free

Friends of Ruby – Mental Health and Wellness Support 

  • Offers trauma-informed one-on-one counselling over the phone, through chat or video calls, or in person. Offers group sessions and crisis support. 
  • LGBTQ2S youth aged 16-29
  • Free

Kids with Incarcerated Parents Canada (Toronto West) – Youth Mentorship Program

  • Offers one-on-one support for youth who have been impacted by a family member’s involvement with the justice system. Youth are connected with mentors who use a strengths-based approach to help navigate stress, life challenges, and systems.
  • Youth aged 12-24
  • Free

Parkdale Queen West Community Health Centre (Toronto) – CHEERS Program 

  • Community based mentorship program where youth and young adults can participate as mentees or mentors. Provides support in transitioning into adulthood, connecting with peers, emotional support and access to community resources. 
  • Mentees: Youth in care ages 14-18, Mentors: Former youth in care with successful transition experience ages 21-35
  • Free

Black Youth Helpline – Effective Parenting Workshop 

  • Weekly community conversations on effective parenting, with a focus on education and developmental activities. 
  • Black families with children/youth
  • Free 

Mommy Monitor (Ontario-wide) – Birth Support 

  • Offers doula services, birth justice workshops, and navigation of maternal health services. Provides a database of birth workers.
  • Black mothers/parents 
  • Free

Ujima House: Young and Potential Fathers (Toronto) – Super Dad’s Super Kids Program

  • An 8 to 10 week interactive father-child program that  utilizes activities and discussions to engage learning and connecting. Topics  include child development, communication, setting limits, activity and nutrition.  
  • Young Black fathers with children between 6 months to 6 years of age
  • Free

Ujima House: Young and Potential Fathers (Toronto) – Nobody’s Perfect Program

  • An 8 to 10 week interactive parenting course that also allows fathers to socialize with co- parent. 
  • Young and/or single Black parents with children aged 6 months to 6 years of age.
  • Free

Agincourt Community Services Association (Scarborough) – Teen Mothers Program 

  • Drop in support program that offers opportunities to build positive parenting skills and gain access to resources. Regular group meetings and check ins, workshops on positive parenting, budgeting, nutrition, career guidance, free meals and snacks.
  • Mothers aged 14-22
  • Free

Jessie’s Centre (Toronto) – Parenting Services 

  • Offers parenting groups, practical help, overnight respite childcare, case management, counselling and housing support. Provides a Swap Shop that offers free donated items such as baby clothes, equipment, maternity clothes, toys and small household items.
  • Youth aged 19 and under who are pregnant and/or parenting, respite care services aged 24 and under 
  • Free  

Parkdale Queen West Community Health Centre (Toronto) – Case Management for At-risk Pregnant and Parenting Women 

  • Provides counselling, case management, support and advocacy from a harm reduction perspective.
  • Homeless and street involved women, new parents aged 16-29 involved with child welfare services, pregnant women who are refugees 
  • Free 

Massey Centre (Toronto East) – Prenatal Residential Program and Post Natal Transitional Housing Program 

  • Opportunities to learn life skills for parenting and transitioning into adulthood. Access to rent-geared-to-income housing, residential counselling and other support.
  • Young mothers aged 13-21
  • Free or rent-geared-to-income 

Skylark – Me & My Baby Walk in

  • Offers mental health counselling to improve parental stress, increase confidence in parenting skills, and an opportunity to discuss any concerns about pregnancy, life after birth, or parenting. 
  • Parents/caregivers of children aged 0-3
  • Free

Jessie’s Centre (Toronto Central) – Housing Support 

  • Offers support in searching rental listings, contacting landlords, arranging site viewings and interviews, and accompaniment to view units. Assistance in filling out applications for subsidized and specialized housing in Toronto and other regions in Ontario, as well as housing rights advocacy. 
  • Youth aged 19 and under who are pregnant and/or parenting  
  • Free 

Massey Centre (Toronto East) – Community Housing Options 

  • Offers transitional housing, housing workshops and rental subsidies when available.
  • Young families, young moms and their children, youth who are pregnant and/or parenting aged 16-24
  • Free

Pape Adolescent Resource Centre (Toronto East) – One Stop Housing Program 

  • A housing help program to assist youth in finding and maintaining housing. Offers resources such as housing lists, information on tenant’s rights, and referrals, as well as support, mediation, assistance with applications for subsidized housing, eviction prevention services, advocacy, and housing workshops.
  • Youth who are homeless or at risk of homelessness 
  • Free

Supporting Our Youth (Toronto East) – Youth In Transition Program 

  • Offers support around securing housing, income (including ODSP and OW), employment, building life skills, and connecting with queer and trans peers and community.
  • 2SLGBTQ youth aged 14-24 who are or have been in the care of a Children’s Aid Society
  • Free

Stepstones for Youth (Toronto) – Housing Assistance and Grants Program 

  • Assists young people in securing stable and appropriate housing, locating options, attending rental viewings, negotiating with landlords, procuring furniture and home necessities, and moving into and setting up their new spaces. Provides employment support, budgeting assistance, and housing subsidies when required. 
  • Young people aged 15-24 who are transitioning from the foster care and child welfare systems 
  • Free

Massey Centre (Toronto East) – Community Housing Options 

  • Offers transitional housing, housing workshops and rental subsidies when available.
  • Young families, young moms and their children, youth who are pregnant and/or parenting aged 16-24
  • Free

The 519 (Toronto Central) – Housing Services 

  • Offers one-on-one assistance with housing applications, housing searches, referrals to community resources, housing services and programs, and assistance with furniture. Can support with eviction prevention and addressing housing discrimination.
  • 2SLGBTQ youth aged 16-29
  • Free

Woodgreen Community Services – Free 2 Be (Housing First for Youth Leaving Care)

  • Offers dedicated support to identify, secure and sustain affordable housing, as well as support to access housing and transportation subsidies. 
  • Youth aged 17-24 involved with child welfare 
  • Free 

Youth Without Shelter (Etobicoke) – Housing and After-Care Program 

  • A program that focuses on helping youth find and keep permanent affordable housing by developing relationships with landlords and assisting in housing searches and various housing applications. Youth are offered continued social and mental health support, and have ongoing access to the laundry facilities and food bank.
  • Homeless youth age 16-24
  • Free

Afri-Can FoodBasket – Black Food Toronto Program 

  • Emergency food support initiative that provides fresh fruits and vegetables for individuals facing food insecurity 
  • Toronto’s African Caribbean Black community
  • Free

Afri-Can FoodBasket – Youth Internship Program

  • A program where youth can work and train on the Ujamaa farm, and learn about topics such as gardening, cooking and food literacy.
  • Youth aged 15-29 
  • Free

Sketch Working Arts (Toronto) – Arts Wellness Program 

  • Offers Resource Distribution Packages where youth can make an appointment to pick up fresh ingredients and prepared meals, wellness, arts and harm reduction supplies. Offers Good Food Boxes that include fresh produce.
  • Youth aged 16-29 who are homeless, precariously housed or navigating poverty
  • Free

The Spot – Food Bank 

  • Provides access to non-perishable items and basic provisions on the second Thursday of every month.
  • Youth who live in the Jane/Finch community aged 14-29
  • Free

Women’s Health in Women’s Hands (Toronto Central) – Food Bank

  • Short term food relief  through the emergency food cupboard program.
  • Racialized individuals/families with limited access to food
  • Free

Black Legal Action Centre (Toronto Central) – Legal Services

  • Assistance with legal issues related to anti-Black racism. Provides legal advice, representation at some courts and tribunals, and information about education law, employment law, housing law, human rights, income assistance, and police complaints
  • Racialized persons who have a legal issue, students, non-unionized employees, income assistance recipients
  • Free to those who qualify. Expenses required on a case-by-case basis. 

TAIBU Community Health Centre – PLUG Project 

  • Connects Black students/parents and families to information and  resources about their rights, responsibilities and school disciplinary processes,  early identification of challenges and intervention, providing direct legal services  including representations at hearings and advocacy before the Child Family  Review Board and as connectors to other community services.  
  • Black youth 15-24 years
  • Free

Justice for Children and Youth – Street Youth Legal Services 

  • Provides legal services, legal education workshops and reform activities for young people experiencing homelessness in Ontario through drop-in centres, shelters, and other spaces where youth access services.  
  • Youth 25 and under 
  • Free

The 519 – Legal Clinic 

  • Offers free over-the-phone and video-based general summary advice. Legal issues may include administrative law (ODSP, human rights), family law, employment law, mental health law, issues with the police, debt issues, and form and legal documentation review.
  • Racialized and 2SLGBTQ+ identified persons, consultation by appointment only
  • Free 

Warden Woods Community Centre – Youth Court Support Informal Counselling and School Advocacy (NS)

  • Assist youth  and their families to navigate the legal system, provide referrals and advocate  with schools
  • Youth aged 13-24
  • Free

Centre Francophone de Toronto (Toronto) – New Arrivals Youth Program

  • A program that aims to assist youth with integration into a new community by providing personalized support and developing an integration plan. Offers access to community workshops, French-language schools, job search workshops and career fairs, skill building and community activities, outings and movie nights. 
  • French-speaking newcomer youth aged 12-25
  • Free

Somali Immigrant Aid Organization – Youth Settlement Program

  • A culturally sensitive program specifically designed to assist immigrant youth with their settlement and integration process. Provides one-on-one counselling and youth-centered activities such as mentorship, goal mapping, homework help and skill building workshops. 
  • Youth aged 15-24 who are Permanent Residents, protected persons, convention refugees, or live-in caregivers with approved work permit 
  • Free

The Spot – Settlement Services

  • Settlement Program Workers assist youth with developing a settlement and integration plan. Programs include homework support, English Conversation Circles, Employment Support Assistance, Newcomers Girls Group and educational workshops such as Citizenship Preparation Test, Rights and Freedoms, housing, etc.
  • Youth aged 13-29
  • Free

Jane/Finch Centre – Community Connections

  • Provides a safe community space for youth to establish social networks, engage in recreational and social activities. Provides access to resources and information around community events, employment and educational opportunities and preparation resources. 
  • Youth aged 13-23
  • Free

Rexdale’s Women’s Centre – Settlement Orientation Support

  • Youth are provided with help and support with settlement and orientation support to Canada. Our staff will assist newcomer youth to navigate systems and services which facilitate their settlement and resettlement in Canada.
  • Youth aged 12-25
  • Free

Skills for Change – Settlement Services

  • Offers peer to peer mentoring, workshops, homework clubs and settlement counselling. 
  • Newcomer youth aged 16-29
  • Free 

Supporting Our Youth (Toronto East) – Express Group

  • A weekly community group that offers support around settlement, accessing housing, navigating the shelter system, understanding income assistance programs, and connecting to helpful resources. Food and TTC fare is provided.
  • LGBTQ+ youth aged 29 and under who are newcomers, refugees, refugee claimants, non-status persons
  • Free

Woodgreen Community Services – Newcomer Youth Settlement Program

  • Offers one-on-one counselling and group activities that build connections. Includes leadership training, homework and arts clubs, organized sports and trips, and English language training. 
  • Youth aged 13-25 who were born outside of Canada
  • Free