Resources for Families

African-Canadian Christian Network (Toronto East) – Parent 2 Parent Program 

  • A parenting program that helps parents to advocate for their children in the school system, develop mentoring skills, and support their children through experiences of anti-Black racism.
  • Black African Canadian families
  • Free

Black Coalition for Aids Prevention (Toronto Central) – Supportive Programming for Mothers Living with HIV

  • Support for pregnant women, new mothers with babies in the first year, early years counselling for parents, hospital visits and coordination of other supports.
  • Black mothers/parents with children aged 0-6 years
  • Free

ConnectABILITY – Sawubona – Africentric Circle of Support

  • A virtual support group for caregivers to build connections and share resources
  • Black caregivers of children/adults with disabilities
  • Free

Delta Family Resource Center (Toronto West) – STOP NOW AND PLAN Program

  • Culturally appropriate and evidence-based counseling services provided to help children manage their emotions and connect families to resources.
  • Families of African descent with children ages 6-11
  • Free

Heritage Skills and Development Centre (Toronto East) – Scarborough Newcomer Parent Support Program

  • Offers support to parents/caregivers through workshops, family counseling and mediation. Parents/caregivers are supported in building self-esteem and communication skills, conflict resolution strategies and strengthening parent-child relationships.
  • Newcomer parents of African-Caribbean descent
  • Free

Malton Neighbourhood Services (Peel) – Black Family Support Program 

  • Offers parent groups, individual and group counselling, parenting programs, information/referrals, assistance with systems navigation, and workshops.
  • Black families with children aged 0-12
  • Free

Massey Centre (Toronto East) – Kuumba Project 

  • Uses creative ways to engage Black and African Canadian children with their mental health and developmental needs. Provides developmental screening and caregiver support, parent consultation/counselling, and parenting workshops.
  • Black families with children aged 1 month – 5 years
  • Free

Macaulay Child Development Centre (Toronto West) – More Than a Haircut Program

  • Monthly parenting group held in local barbershops where fathers can learn practical parenting strategies and engage in discussions around education, cultural identity, and culturally appropriate fathering resources and information.
  • Black fathers or father figures
  • Free

Mommy Monitor (Ontario-Wide) – Birth Support 

  • Offers doula services, birth justice workshops, and navigation of maternal health services. Provides a database of birth workers.
  • Black mothers/parents
  • Free

The Reading Partnership for Black Parents Program (Toronto)

  • An 8-10 week play-based program that guides parents in teaching their children to read. Lessons improve literacy skills and celebrate diverse cultures, strengths and perspectives.
  • Families with children aged 4-6
  • Free

Ujima House: Young and Potential Fathers (Toronto) – Super Dad’s Super Kids Program

  • An 8 to 10 week interactive father-child program that  utilizes activities and discussions to engage learning and connecting. Topics  include child development, communication, setting limits, activity and nutrition.
  • Black fathers with children between 6 months to 6 years of age
  • Free

Ujima House: Young and Potential Fathers (Toronto) – Nobody’s Perfect Program

  • An 8 to 10 week interactive parenting course that also allows  fathers to socialize with other parent.
  • Young, single parents with children aged 6 months to 6 years of age.
  • Free

Ujima House: Young and Potential Fathers (Toronto) – Therapeutic Access Program

  • Community Access Specialist works with families and supports fathers to be committed and involved with their children. Promotes child-centered parenting and facilitates family unification, development and intervention strategies.
  • Black Parents and children
  • Free

Black Creek Community Health Centre (Toronto West) – Early Years and Children Youth and Family Programs 

  • Programs offered include You Make a Difference, Incredible Years,  Parents/Child Drop-in Program, ESSO Math and Learning Through Play. Newborn  Infant Hearing Screening is available. 
  • Parents and their children, new mothers
  • Free

Centre Francophone de Toronto (Toronto) – Child and Family Programs

  • Offers a wide range of programs for children and their families that include parent-child groups, prenatal support, babysitting services, relationship building, baby massage techniques, sign language for babies, early childhood development, and fathers support. 
  • Parents with children aged 0-6
  • Free

Jean Tweed Treatment Centre (Toronto) – Support for Mothers and Caregivers

  • Holistic and culturally-responsive programs that offer assessment and referral, information, support, counselling, assistance with child welfare issues, parenting programs and child development services. 
  • Pregnant and/or parenting women who use substances, children aged 6 or younger 
  • Free

Kids with Incarcerated Parents Canada (Toronto) – Individual and Family Support

  • Individual and family support and counselling for children, youth and families from arrest to reintegration. Offers a Family Visitation Program that provides weekend transportation from Toronto to correctional facilities in Southern Ontario for children and families to visit incarcerated loved ones, and provides snacks, refreshments and activities during the ride.
  • Families, youth aged 18 years and younger
  • Free 

Mothercraft (Toronto) – Breaking the Cycle Program

  • An early identification and prevention program that aims to address maternal substance use problems and enhance the development for substance-exposed children. Provides counselling, parenting support, developmental screening and assessment, and childcare amongst other supports. 
  • Pregnant or parenting mothers with substance-exposed children prenatal – 6 years. 
  • Free

Parkdale Queen West Community Health Centre (Toronto) – Great Start Together Perinatal Program

  • Provides support and education through healthy pregnancy workshops, access to nurses, dieticians, settlement/social/community health workers. Opportunity to meet new friends, share experiences and learn about community resources. Childcare available during program time.
  • Pregnant women and new mothers must register pre-natally, must live in the Bloor Street to Lakeshore and Dufferin Street to Yonge Street area
  • Free

Parkdale Queen West Community Health Centre (Toronto) – Parkdale Parent’s Primary Prevention Program (5Ps)

  • Provides support, nutrition and community programs information.
  • Parents with children aged 0-3 years living on low, fixed or no income. Must live within the boundaries of Bloor Street, Lake Ontario, Dovercourt Rd and the Humber River
  • Free 

Strides Toronto – Growing Healthy Together Parenting Program 

  • Offers family home visiting and parenting groups to help mothers and fathers see their strengths, build strong relationships with the children, and find positive ways to parent.
  • Newcomer, low-income or isolated families with children aged 0-5
  • Free

The 519 – Early On Child and Family Centre

  • Provides LGBTQ2S-affirming early learning activities, music and movement, creative experiences, and parent education. Can assist in accessing information about parenting and child development, community resources, online programming, and parent/caregiver workshops.
  • LGBTQ parents with children aged 0-6 
  • Free

United Achievers Community Services (Peel Region) – Building Healthy Families Program 

  • Offers advocacy and support to families to gain new skills and improve communication and conflict resolution. Parenting/co-parenting and skills development workshops, mediation and culturally appropriate counseling services provided. 
  • Families with children
  • Free

Warden Woods Community Centre (Scarborough) – Early Childhood and Family Programs

  • Numerous services to enhance children’s readiness for school, participate in arts  and crafts as well as for parents to interact with each other. Programs include Ontario Early Years Centre, Parent/Child Drop in, Nutrition and the Woodland Nursery School and full Daycare Centre.
  • Families with children aged 0-6 years, Daycare open to children aged 1 ½- 4 years.
  • Free

YWCA (Toronto) – Here to Help Program

  • 12 week parenting program for children and their mothers who have been exposed to abuse. Offers information about the impact of exposure to abuse on children, how to support children’s emotional wellbeing, and positive ways of dealing with the challenges of parenting children who have witnessed abuse.
  • Children and youth aged 4-18 years and their mothers who have been exposed to abuse
  • Free


Canadian Centre for Men and Children (Toronto)

  • Family shelter for fathers & children
  • Can provide food, clothing, hygiene items, toys & games
  • Assists with housing applications

COSTI (Toronto) – Housing Help Services

  • Provides assistance in finding housing, eviction prevention, housing stabilization, and market rent housing searches. Provides assistance in filling out applications for subsidized housing, Rent Bank, Low Income Energy Assistance Program and Ontario Electricity Support Program, and provides workshops on tenant rights and responsibilities.
  • Residents of North York who are under-housed, at risk of homelessness, and/or face cultural, linguistic and socio-economic barriers to suitable housing.

The Housing Help Centre- Drop In Services
Open Tuesday morning from 9:00 to 11:00 AM

  • Access to housing counsellors
  • Assistance with housing applications
  • Provides information sessions
  • Access to financial assistance with rent & utilities
  • Multiple locations across Scarborough & North York

Catchment area & qualifications:

Individuals and families in the City of Toronto. Bring proof of current residency or citizenship.

Fred Victor (Toronto Central) – Housing Services 

  • Access to affordable housing, transitional housing and shelter  


Men, women and families who live in extreme poverty, are marginally housed or are homeless 

Midaynta Community Services – Housing Program 

  • Provides culturally sensitive assistance to prevent homelessness. Services include assistance with Access to Housing application, finding and maintaining affordable housing, sharing information about housing/rental opportunities, referral, eviction prevention and housing stabilization.
  • Low income individuals and families, priority Somali community

Woodgreen Community Services – Housing Help Centre 

    • Assists individuals and families in locating and securing safe and affordable housing.  Provides information and referrals, access to housing applications, eviction prevention services, and access to case-by-case rent supplements.
    • Families, youth aged 16+

Yonge Street Mission (Toronto Central) – Housing Support 

  • Assists with accessing emergency shelter and transitional housing options 
  • Provides assistance with Housing applications, Rental search, Unit viewings, Eviction prevention and housing stabilization 


Available by appointment only: 

  • Mondays, 10 AM – 3 PM at Genesis Place, 280 Gerrard St. E., Toronto 
  • Wednesdays, 10 AM – 3 PM at Martin Centre, 306 Gerrard St. E. 
  • Call 416 929 9614 to book an appointment. 

Across Boundaries (Toronto)- Alternative Healing Programs 

  • Numerous programs to explore feelings, learning to  manage stress and improving concentration through Art Therapy, Creative Expressions, Yoga and Musical Expression
  • Racialized families
  • Free

Across Boundaries (Toronto) – The Akoma Family Living Program

  • Facilitated 12 week virtual program that prioritizes holistic health and wellbeing. Topics include self-identity, family connection, systems navigation and self-advocacy.
  • Racialized families 
  • Free

Black Coalition for Aids Prevention (Toronto Central) – African Caribbean Black (ACB) Women’s Support Program

  • Offers case management, responsive counselling to individual and family needs, community kitchen, trans’ women’s programming and systems navigation
  • African Caribbean Black women living with HIV
  • Free

Caribbean African Canadian Social Services (Toronto) – Kuponya: Supporting Black Parents Through Collaboration Program 

  • A two-part program where families attend short six week groups that build awareness of trauma, trauma responses and the impact of trauma on children. The groups work to develop parenting supports and strategies. 
  • Black families with children
  • Free

Centre for Addictions and Mental Health (Toronto Central)  – Substance Abuse Program for African Canadian and Caribbean Youth (SAPACCY)

  • Offers mental health and addictions counselling to support youth with substance use and/or mental health concerns. A 5 week family support group is available to provide support and education to families/caregivers around topics such as risk factors, strategies for coping, and treatment options.
  • Black youth aged 14-24 and their families
  • Free 

Delta Family Resource Center (Toronto West) – Family Wellness Program

  • Provides culturally relevant individual and group counselling to support family wellness 
  • Residents of Black communities 
  • Free

Ghanaian Canadian Association of Ontario (Etobicoke) – Women Support Group

  • A group that provides a space for women to feel safe, focuses on community support of physical/mental health and wellness, helps women with parenting issues, and provides information and resources to those who need access to services and support. 
  • Ghanaian women of all ages
  • Free

Mommy Monitor (Ontario-wide) – Mental Health Support Sessions for Black Parents

  • Offers individual and group counselling monthly. Birth trauma counselling available when needed. Provides a database of ACB healthcare providers. 
  • Black parents/mothers with young children
  • Free

Somali Immigrant Aid Organization (Toronto) – Mental Health Program

  • Provides support for dealing with  trauma, addiction, violence and anxiety. Offers one on one and group counselling, crisis counselling, relationship and couples counselling, and connects clients to community resources. 
  • Somali Canadians, newcomers
  • Free

TAIBU Community Health Center (Scarborough) – Counselling Services

  • Includes therapy for trauma, depression, mental  health, anxiety, social stressors relating to the social determinants of health using  an anti-oppressive framework
  • Racialized individuals 
  • Free

Women’s Health in Women’s Hands (Toronto Central) – Mental Health Services

  • Includes mental health information/education, 15 session  individual counselling, advocacy and referrals. Group therapies and workshops  include art therapy, meditation, resistance and resilience, stress reduction and  anger awareness. 
  • Women
  • Free

Black Creek Community Health Center (Toronto West) – Mental Health Counselling

  • Registered social workers and therapists provide  counselling services to address family relationship issues, parenting concerns,  anxiety, depression and other mental health issues
  • Families in the Toronto North West area
  • Free

Parkdale Queen West Community Health Centre (Toronto) – Postpartum Mood Disorders Program

  • Offers individual counselling and a weekly support group for individuals experiencing symptoms of postpartum mood disorders or would like to learn more about postpartum mood disorders
  • Birthing, non-birthing and adoptive mothers and their partners and families 
  • Free 

Strides Toronto (Scarborough) – Community Support Program 

  • Offers flexible mental health services that are responsive to the needs of children and their families. Assists families in establishing and achieving their goals for healthy development and enhances the capacity of the community to promote healthy development of children.
  • Families with children aged 0-12
  • Free 

Black Legal Action Centre (Toronto Central) – Legal Services

  • Assistance with legal issues related to anti-Black racism. Provides legal advice, representation at some courts and tribunals, and information about education law, employment law, housing law, human rights, income assistance, and police complaints
  • Racialized persons who have a legal issue, students, non-unionized employees, income assistance recipients
  • Free to those who qualify. Expenses required on a case-by-case basis. 

TAIBU Community Health Centre (Scarborough/Rexdale) – PLUG Project 

  • Connects Black students/parents and families to information and  resources about their rights, responsibilities and school disciplinary processes,  early identification of challenges and intervention, providing direct legal services  including representations at hearings and advocacy before the Child Family  Review Board and as connectors to other community services.  
  • Black youth 15-24 years and their families/caregivers

Barbara Schlifer Legal Clinic (Toronto Central) – Family Court Support Program 

  • Staff can provide information about the court process, help with documentation,  arrange language interpreters and connect individuals with community services and supports. Program does not offer legal advice and is not an alternative to a  lawyer.
  • Women, women-identifying, non-binary, lesbian and trans women experiencing violence and involved with family court 
  • Free

Pro Bono Ontario – Legal Advice Hotline 

  • Provides brief services over the phone about legal matters such as housing, employment, consumer debt and protection, creating powers of attorney, and civil court matters.
  • Low income individuals in Ontario 
  • Free

Rexdale Community Legal Clinic (Toronto West) – Clinic Services

  • Can provide legal advice, legal representation, affidavits and notaries. Areas of law include housing and tenant rights, human rights, immigration, family law, employment standards and insurance, income support programs, and wrongful dismissal.
  • Community members from the North Etobicoke area who have low income
  • Provides some free legal advice, information and referrals, may require financial eligibility 

519 Community Centre – Sunday Drop In
Takeaway meal: 1-2 PM
In person: 2- 4:30 PM 

  • Provides a warm meal and wide variety of services and programming 

2SLGBTQ+ persons and families. Proof of need and identification NOT required.

Afri-Can FoodBasket – Black Food Toronto Program 

  • Emergency food support initiative that provides fresh fruits and vegetables for individuals facing food insecurity
  • Toronto’s African Caribbean Black community

Delta Family Resource Centre (Toronto West) – Food Pantry

  • The Food Pantry offers fresh produce, milk, eggs and whole grain. Offers opportunity to participate in “Food of the Month” where a seasonal vegetable is highlighted and participants can give tips and examples on how to use and prepare it through food demonstrations and recipes.
  • Toronto West residents

Feed It Forward (Toronto)  

  • Provides access to community fridges, a food-sharing app, drop-in takeaway meals, and affordable grocery shopping

Store Front – Pay What You Can Grocery, Bakery & Cafe 

2770 Dundas St West, Unit A, Toronto ON M6P 1Y3
Mon – Sat: 11 AM to 6 PM
Sun 11 AM – 6PM

  • offers groceries, canned food, soups & stews, pre-made meals and more 
  • Each item of fresh food or dry good is on a point system (1 point = 50 cents)  

Fred Victor (Toronto Central) – Daily Meal Program

Moss Park – 145 Queen Street East

Brunch: 10 AM – 11:30 AM
Dinner: 4 PM – 5:30 PM

  • serves two low-cost and nutritious meals for the community five days a week 
  • Low-cost meals ($1.50 brunch, $2.50 dinner) are served in the same building as health services and housing. 

Regent Park – 40 Oak Street 

  • Serves free lunch Monday –  Friday and free breakfast on Mondays and Fridays. 
  • Fresh ingredients and halal meat available   

Good Neighbours Drop-In (Scarborough) – Community Meals
193 Markham Road, Scarborough 

Food for families with children (upon appointment)
Wednesday 2–4 PM., and Friday 9:30 AM –4:00 PM  

Take-out meals (with indoor-eating option)
Thursday and Friday, 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM 

Oasis Dufferin Community Centre (Toronto West)
Community Dinner
Tuesday night from 5:30 PM to 6:00 PM

  • A freshly made healthy take out dinner is available to community members every Tuesday night from 5:30 to 6:00 pm.
  • 1 serving per person & each person must attend to receive dinner

Food Bank
Wednesdays – 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM 

  • provides 2 to 3 days worth of shelf stable food (canned and dry foods), fresh produce (fruits and vegetables) and milk and other protein products (milk, eggs and meat).

Please bring proof of your address (if you can) 

Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities – Food Bank
 4100 Lawrence Ave East, Scarborough, ON 

Main floor, buzzer 293

  • Access to 1-2 days supply of food, can select items based on preference and availability 
  • Can provide hot meals and seasonal services 
  • Access to information and referrals to other resources including housing help 

Catchment Area and Qualifications: 

Individuals and families experiencing food insecurity in Scarborough. Walk-in program; does not require appointment or documentation.  

The Scott Mission – Christian Welcome Centre 
Food Banks

502 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON
Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 11:45 AM, 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM (closed Wednesday afternoons) 

1500 O’Connor Ave, Toronto ON
Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 12:00 AM, 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM


  • Proof of need and ID required. Phone in advance (416) 923-3916, private appointments provided.  

Somali Immigrant Aid Organization (Toronto) – Community Food and Nutrition Programs

  • Aids community members in employing community  kitchens, food buying clubs and sessions on nutrition and budgeting. Parents are  provided with instruction and aided with cleaning, preparing and storing food, and navigating unfamiliar food options.
  • Priority Somali newcomers, immigrants, families

St. John The Compassionate Mission (Toronto East) – Food for Families
155 Broadview Ave, Toronto, ON

Thursday 1 PM – 3:30 PM

  • Provides fresh and dry foods for families with children  

The Stop Community Food Centre (Toronto West)
1884 Davenport, Toronto, ON

Food Bank
Mondays and Fridays, 12 PM—3 PM 

  • provides a three-day supply of food, once per month, including fresh produce, milk, eggs, and whole grains. 

Good Food Market & Cafe
Tuesdays 12 PM – 3 PM  

  • provides fresh and affordable produce and baked goods for sale in the Food Bank space. 

Catchment area & qualification: 

  • ID with name and address is required to register. Contact the Food Bank at 416-652-7867 ext. 245 or 

Tropicana Community Services (Scarborough) – Harvest Share Food Security Program 

  • A food bank that takes in donations from various food suppliers, groceries and restaurants and redistributes it to families facing food insecurity
  • Black, African and Caribbean households in the Scarborough area

Women’s Health in Women’s Hands (Toronto Central) – Food Bank

  • Short term food relief  through the emergency food cupboard program.
  • Racialized individuals/families with limited access to food

Yonge Street Mission Cornerstone – Food Bank
270 Gerrard St. E, Toronto, ON 

Tuesday- Friday; 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM & 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Wednesday & Thursday: 9:45 AM – 4:00 PM

  • provides 3 to 5 days’ worth of staples such at fruit, vegetables, milk, eggs, bread, meat and non-perishables based on the needs, diet and preferences of you and your family. Provides a grocery store style shopping experience 
  • Available to access food bank upon appointment: call 416 929 9614 x 3200

Catchment Area & Qualification: 

  • you must live within south of Bloor St., east of Yonge St. and west of Don Valley Parkway 
  • You must bring Photo ID for you and anyone whom you live with that you want to include on your profile 
  • Documentation of your most recent monthly income 
  • Proof of address 

Black Creek Community Health Centre – New to Canada Program

  • Provides programs such as English Conversation Circles, Community Garden, Let’s Cook Lunch and Healthy Newcomers. Offers in person or over the phone interpreters when making an appointment.
  • Persons who are newcomers or refugees
  • Free

Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention – Refugee Settlement Program

  • Supports refugee claimants with the immigration process, health care system, social services, housing, legal, employment and education. One-on-one counselling, practical support, workshops on immigration and settlement, and group support services available. 
  • African, Caribbean Black individuals who identify as LGBTQ+ and are HIV positive 
  • Free 

Eritrean Canadian Community Centre of Toronto – Settlement Counseling and Integration

  • Offers counselling and student academic assistance.
  • Newcomer, immigrant and refugee families of Eritrean descent 
  • Free

Somali Immigrant Aid Organization – Settlement Program

  • Assigned settlement workers collaborate with newcomers to develop an individualized settlement plan. Provides orientation and information sessions, support with family/cultural adjustments, and educational workshops focused on settlement related topics. 
  • Permanent Residents, Convention Refugees and protected persons, live-in caregivers with approved work permits 
  • Free

Centre Francophone de Toronto (Toronto) – Integration and Settlement Program

  • Residential counselors support newcomers in housing search information, obtaining immigration status, obtaining social insurance and health cards, Canadian child benefits, and follow-up of immigration files. Provides workshops on integration to Canada.
  • French speaking newcomers
  • Free

Elspeth Heyworth Centre for Women – Newcomer Settlement Program 

  • Provides free services and practical guidance navigating Canadian social, cultural, legal and financial systems including access to Canadian Citizenship Test Prep questions. Offers needs assessments, referrals and support services such as filling out forms and applications, resume assistance, and immigration processes.
  • Women and families who are permanent residents, refugees, and temporary residents with a Work and/or Study Permit, newcomers from diverse backgrounds
  • Free

Jane/Finch Centre – Northwest Settlement Services

  • Offers settlement counseling, employment support, English conversation circles, citizenship test prep, and community connections and other support services. Translation and interpretation offered in 13 languages. 
  • Newcomer families and adults 
  • Free

Woodgreen Community Centre – Settlement Services for Newcomers and Refugees

  • Offers support in accessing services, immigration questions, applying for government income support and benefits, and connecting with community programs.
  • Newcomers and refugees
  • Free