Mission, Vision, Values

Our Approach

— Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver culturally responsive Family Group Conferencing to  ACB families and youth in the Toronto area. Our model uses highly trained facilitators to engage with Black communities in a way that values and centres cultural strengths.

— Our Vision

Our vision is to improve the experience of ACB youth and their families engaged in the child welfare system.

Through our culturally adapted program we will address the overrepresentation of ACB youth in out-of-home care while and improve the transitions for Black youth coming out of care. 

— Values

  1. Black -Led: Our work is led by and designed with members of the ACB community in Toronto. Check-out Our Team (LINK) and our Community Advisory Board (LINK) to learn more. 
  2. Child, Youth and Family-Centred: The voices of ACB children, youth and families are at the centre of our work, from program design, to implementation, to evaluation. 
  3. Culturally-Responsive & Strengths-Based: It is not enough to just be Black- led. Our work is also responsive to the unique and diverse cultures within ACB communities. We seek to adapt mainstream models in a way that builds on our community’s cultural strengths.
  4. Data-Driven/Evidence-Informed: Our work is evidence-informed and continually evaluated to ensure we are consistently measuring our impact to reduce disparities in child welfare involvement for ACB communities.
  5. Community Accountability: We are accountable to the ACB communities we serve, not the child welfare system. We are committed to engaging in conversation with ACB communities to adapt and evolve our work to meet our community’s needs.